Scope of Services


We provide courses for Practitioners to attain professional qualification and enhance competitive edge in Hong Kong and Mainland.

We serve working population of all ages in all provinces, from undergraduates to professionals seeking postgraduate training in HK and China. We are your partner in lifelong learning and are committed to helping you to achieve your goals through face-to-face learning and on-line platform. We also provide outcomes-driven accounting, insurance, investment and real estate exam preparatory courses so as to upgrade the competitive edge of the practitioners and to help you reach your career goals.


Core Value: INSIGHT

  • Integrity - holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards
  • Networking - providing platform for you to explore the practicing opportunities in your career
  • Support - providing tools and techniques everyone needs to succeed
  • Internationalization - delivering high quality of international programs in HK and China
  • Gateway - helping HK and Mainland's Practitioners to have an exchange gateway to advance to higher level of career path
  • Humbleness - holding ourselves to provide kind supports for everyone
  • Timely management - regularly reviewing our services to go in line with the market needs
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Kowloon, Hong Kong.
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