Case Study

Retirement Plan

Talking about the investment strategy for retirement, we should put risk control in the first place. We helped our Customer – Miss. Chan to establish a balanced and diversified portfolio. She invested in a low risk monetary fund, as well as good credit-rating corporate and national bonds to achieve stable growth. This diversified portfolio not only reduced risks, but also achieved a reasonable return that helped Ms. Chan to attain her retirement target of stable income.

This portfolio did gain her an average annual return of 7-8 percent over the past nine years, outperforming the rate of inflation.


Investment Plan

In 2011, the outbreak of European debt crisis resulted in the tumble of international stock markets. While our Customer, Mr. Lee not only avoided the adverse impact of the debt crisis but also achieved the expected growth under our services

Before the outbreak of the debt crisis in Europe, Mr. Lee gradually switched equity-linked funds to U.S. Dollar money market. Besides, Mr. Lee also selected national bonds with high credit-rating and low risk, such as U.S. Treasuries. Therefore, the conservative selection of low-risk bonds helped Mr. Lee to achieve better return.

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